BEBE-LEON BABY SWADDLE BLANKETS are super soft and cute. One pack contains a set of 2 swaddle blankets, with 2 different fabric patterns, suitable for both boys and girls

✔ Our muslin baby swaddle blanket is made of certified organic muslin cotton. It is a generous 47"x47", perfect for various body sizes

A MUST HAVE ITEM - In addition to swaddling, this soft and versatile blanket can be used as a stroller cover, nursing cover, picnic blanket, burp cover, tummy-time blanket, and more. So, it is useful even when your baby grows up

BEST BABY GIFT - this cute and versatile muslin blanket, both useful and stylish, will make a great baby gift every parent or parent to be will love!

✔ We opted for Recyclable and minimal packaging to avoid waist

Washing - Our swaddle blankets are pre-washed. However, as with all fabric products, always wash before first use (Machine wash warm, tumble dry low)

ABOUT SWADDLING BABIES - Swaddling is a wrapping technique recreating the snugness of the womb. A swaddle also gently minimizes a newborns involuntary movement, helping them wake up less often, and when they do, fall back asleep more quickly

SAFETY - Always be gentle when dealing with a baby. Swaddling babies too tight can have its risks. Once an infant can break free from the swaddle, it's time to stop swaddling. Do not leave baby alone with loose fabric

ORDER NOW, don't delay

And when you do, consider getting two packs... it's always good to have clean spare swaddles around when needed!

  • OUR MUSLIN BABY SWADDLE BLANKET is made of 100% certified organic muslin cotton fabric. It is a soft blanket, light and breathable. Perfect for any baby size for its generous 47" x 47" dimensions. One pack contains 2 soft blankets, you can choose from 2 set options. All fabric pattern options are cute, elegant, and timeless, suitable both for girls and boys
  • GOOD QUALITY SLEEP FOR YOUR BABY MEANS MORE SLEEP FOR YOU - A swaddled baby sleeps better and deeper. A relaxed and well rested baby means happy, relaxed and well rested parents. Our beautiful and soft swaddling blankets will give your baby the gentle cuddling effect they need for a relaxed, prolonged sleep
  • A VERSATILE MUST-HAVE ITEM - In addition to swaddling, this blanket can be used as a stroller/pram cover, car seat cover, light and airy nursing cover, picnic blanket, burp cover for your shoulder, a light surface for 'tummy-time', and more. So, once your baby grows up, keep the blanket around for many other uses
  • PERFECT BABY GIFT - Every parent needs a swaddle blanket, and with this organic cotton one, you can't go wrong. It is soft, versatile and pretty. It is the best baby gift, both cute and practical, suitable for a baby boy and a baby girl
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SEASONS - Being light and soft, the breathable fabric swaddle blanket will not overheat your baby on hot summer days, but will keep him cozy and comfy over clothing on a cold winter day

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Baby SWADDLE BLANKET | Muslin Blanket | Organic Cotton | 2 Pack | 47” x 47” | SOFT Cotton Blanket | GREAT Baby Gift | Baby Boy | Baby Girl

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