fit for people:do makeup frequently,exposed by Ultraviolet outdoors,irregular life,natural aging problem,excessive fatigue
for skin:coarse pores,dull skin,sagging skin,thick curticles

use 10 minutes each time and 3 times per week
you can use the skin serum to keep the skin moist when use the device.

5 mode can solve skin problem:
Mode 1:red light
Wavelength: 620nm(+/- 10nm)
Promote collagen regeneration, skin elasticity, fit for wrinkles and sagging skin.
Mode 2:green light(520nm(+/- 10nm)
applied to suppress skin melanin to make skin whiter and cleaner
Mode 3:blue light(415nm(+/- 10nm)
remove acne,shrink pore,improve the skin grease,eliminate and restrian the bacteria of the pore
Mode 4:yellow light(590nm(+/- 10nm)
Soomthe the skin,brighten,prevent allergy
Mode 5:pink light(700nm(+/- 10nm)
Whitening,fit for the dull complexion people.
Mode 6:pink flashing.
Strengthen absorption of the beauty liquid or gel.

how to use:
1.insert the USB cable connector into the device
2.clean the skin,apply serum or cream on your face
press LED SEL. button
press once is Red
twice/three/four/five/six times is Green/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Flashing Pink
seven times to turn off the led light mode.

press the POWER button
press once means intensity level 1
twice/third/four/five times means level 2/3/4/5
six times powers off the device
4.move the device slowly to your face.
the device will automatically shut off after 10minutes of use.

Package Including:
1 x beauty machine
1 x USB + Charger Base
1 x English manual
  • Face&Neck Nutrition Nourishing,remove Acne,shrink Pore, Anti-wrinkle,Tightening,Whitening
  • nonporous mesotherapy: using a special pulse occurred by the double-clicked current , directly lead the nutrition into the dermal layer of the skin.
  • Electroporation import: special currents activate the skin cells, make the effective skincare cream ingredients directly into the dermal layer.10 times increase the skin absorption!
  • RF current: high-frequency electrical resistance heating, effective at improving sagging skin,aging wrinkles, promote lymphatic and blood circulation and other care.
  • LED phototherapy: repair and heal the mirco gaps of the electroporation, needle-free mesotherapy ultra- fine skin, the skin pores and has calming anti-inflammatory effect.

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5in1 RF&EMS LED Photon Face Skin Rejuvenation Electroporation Mesotherapy Facial Machine Device Instrument

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