Looking for a great way to divide a room, create privacy, or hide clutter? RoomDividersNow premium heavyweight tension rod room divider kits present a creative and stylish way to divide space in minutes. Tension rod kits come with everything needed to create and separate space up to 12.5 feet wide.

This kit's easy installation makes it perfect for many uses within your home. No drilling is required, so this kit is fantastic for temporary spaces like dorm rooms, rental units, and sublets. Simply adjust the rod to the size of your space and let the spring-loaded tension do the rest!

DIVIDE and CONQUER your space with ease:

* Shared Bedroom, Studio, Closet, Dorm, Loft, etc.

The problem solving uses go on and on:

* Create the perfect amount of privacy, hide clutter, separate functions, reduce sunlight, etc.

Quality Construction:

* RoomDividersNow is the leading supplier of polyester Heavyweight Room Dividers and Room Divider Kits

* XX-Large "A" Tension Rod Room Divider Kits (for spaces 10ft to 12ft 6in wide) include one 8ft tall x 15ft wide premium heavyweight room divider curtain and one 120in-150in wide tension rod

* Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Curtains significantly reduce light and create the ultimate form of privacy

* Our heavyweight room divider curtains are made from 100% polyester that looks elegant and complimentary in all settings

* Dividers are hemmed and finished on all sides (Non-Flame Retardant)

* Dividers contain large 1 3/4in metal grommet rings

* Portable: If you live in a dorm or a rental these room dividers are a great solution. They are easily installed and easily packed up, moved, and reused!

* Detailed installation instructions come with each kit

  • PREMIUM HEAVYWEIGHT ROOM DIVIDER SOLUTIONS - Attractive, inexpensive, & perfect for privacy
  • EASY TO SETUP - Kits come with everything needed to divide and conquer your space in minutes (no tools or drilling required)
  • FIX A PROBLEM SPACE - Shared bedroom, apartment, closet, dorm, city loft, workspace, storage, etc.
  • CREATE PRIVACY IN MINUTES - Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Kits significantly reduce light to maximize privacy. XX-Large kits create and separate space from 10ft to 12ft 6in wide

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RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Tension Rod Room Divider Kit - XX-Large A, 8ft Tall x 10ft - 12ft 6in Wide (Sierra Red)

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